Jenna Stover
Student Writer

As the leaves spend their time changing colors, who doesn’t want to capture the swiftly changing and vast array of colors in a photograph with friends? What better location to do exactly that than on the covered bridge or the area surrounding the breeches, with its canopy of trees and portrait ready landscape. As you attempt to capture the beauty of nature and friendship, here are a few tips that will help you set your photo shoot up for success.

photo tips3

photo credit: Jenna Stover

1. Make sure the lighting is right: This might seem juvenile, but Dr. Forsythe, a photography professor of over 30 years, states that, “Students forget that lighting plays a huge role in capturing the perfect picture.”

photo tips2

Photo credit: Jenna Stover

2. Rule of thirds: A big part of taking an amazing picture is using the photography theory named the rule of thirds. The idea proposes that the entire image should be imagined as divided into nine separate, but equal grids. The subject of the picture should be placed on the intersection of two of these lines. Placing the subject of your picture at this angle will draw in more viewers and a better oriented photograph.

photo tips

Photo credit: Jenna Stover

3. Filters: Whether your developing your own picture in a dark room or snapping one on your phone, using a filter can enhance your picture before its posted on social media. From filters named ludwig to perpetua, there are so many different applications that help increase the contrast of your photos which will ultimately lead to a better picture. Applications such as ECP Photo , Camera+, EyeEm, and 1967 are all well-rated photo-editing tools that can help with the improvement of your picture. These apps can be downloaded on any smartphone or apple device.

Grace Carvalho, a junior art major, states that when taking photographs, “I always try to look for a background or subject that has a variety of color or really good contrast. I also always try to make sure that there is something within the photo that will draw people’s attention, like a group of friends or a unique object. When taking the photo, I don’t try to center the point of interest.”

There are many excellent places on and off campus to have photoshoots at with friends! Don’t be afraid to venture for cool new spots like the walking bridge in Harrisburg for some new scenery and awesome looking backgrounds! Also, when you post, make sure to tag #messiahcollege! Have fun and get snapping!