Mimi Pedercini
Culture Editor

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Album cover of junior Anthony Johnson’s EP

The wait is finally over. Junior Anthony Johnson will be releasing his debut EP Note to Self Friday October 2nd, available on Spotify, Google Play, and iTunes.

A rising artist breaking into the music industry, Johnson, along with a team of invested supporters, has been preparing a long time for the release. Late nights in the studio, gathering support, figuring and managing costs, and of course, promoting the release of Note to Self with pictures on social media and releasing snippets of his songs.

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Junior Anthony Johnson

“I like the laid back feel of R&B but I want my songs to get stuck in peoples’ heads so that’s where the pop aspect comes in. It has little melodies that are just catchy,” says Johnson.

Unlike most R&B songs focusing on heartbreaks and bitter break ups, Johnson wanted to include both sides of the story.

“In a relationship people have two different perceptions of a situation. I try to give both sides of a story; it was both their faults because a relationship takes two. It’s more of ‘we did this, we didn’t do this together, we didn’t work through a situation, and we didn’t love hard enough’.”

Note to Self holds a collection of songs inspired by the complexity of life and relationships. Johnson’s lyrics cover both ends of the spectrum; from struggles to happy moments.

“I wish I knew then what I know now. Note to Self is basically ‘hey, you do know now so don’t make the same mistakes in the future. Don’t go back and make the same mistakes twice’” shares Johnson.

Becoming a successful actor and performer is a lifetime dream of Johnson who is a theater major at Messiah. Although he strives to go into television and film, music is a big part of his life, especially being a singer.

“I have these gifts and talents God gave me and I want to be using all of them to every extent possible. I want to produce good music that people can enjoy and relate to without it always being raunchy and inappropriate. My music will always be realistic and true to what I’m feeling or think other people are feeling,” says Johnson.

Several people made putting the entire EP together possible, not just Johnson alone. One of these individuals is sophomore Ryan Bert, the producer of Note to Self.

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Johnson alongside producer/sound engineer, sophomore Ryan Bert. Photo credit: Bo Williams

“Around November [Johnson] contacted me and found out I do music production for fun. We collaborated for his Christmas song he started,” tells Bert. After releasing Christmas Loving last holiday season the duo began to work on Johnson’s EP. Bert took his talents to collaborate with Johnson. Together they created the hip beats for the songs.

“He’s very energetic, he’s really fun to work with. He has his mind set on what he wants, he sets goals of what he wants with his music, and he’s always pushing to make it better,” expresses Bert on his experience creating with Johnson, “He’s very passionate about his music, which makes it really fun because I’m also very passionate about my music.”

Junior Graciana Jones also stood by Johnson’s side throughout the process. Knowing Johnson for several years, Jones expresses her gladness in supporting her friend and his dreams.

“It’s been nice to see the entire process from start to finish, to be there with him to be in the studio during sessions, and to laugh and have a good time as the music is being made and just to see the progression of the project.”

Johnson’s gratitude for everyone who was a part of this special project is evident in how emotional he became while giving acknowledgments.

“I would like to thank God because without him this wouldn’t have been possible at all. He made something that I thought would be impossible, possible.”

Thanks extends to:

Ryan Bert aka Carvello – sound engineer and producer
Kyle Kirk Patrick – sound engineer, co producer, mixer and master
Leah Bergstorm- editor
Bo Williams- photographer and visual concepts

And of course, family and friends who have been pouring their support and love to Johnson.

Johnson will be hosting a release party for his EP, Note to Self, Saturday October 3rd at South Side Café in Mountain View Mfrom 7:30 to 9pm. You will have a chance to pre-order your own copy of Note to Self. Come out to show your support and enjoy some great music!