Aimee Stehman
Student Writer

It’s October, which means a couple of things for Messiah students such as homecoming, fall break, and Halloween. October also signifies the beginning of the upcoming holiday season where we get to quote everyone’s favorite comic strip, “Peanuts”. To add to the excitement, the Peanuts comic just recently celebrated its 65th anniversary, which includes a stamp collection paying tribute to the infamous Christmas special, A Charlie Brown Christmas. The creators of the collection also encourage buyers to hashtag #CharlieBrownStamps every time a picture of one is posted to social media.

To help honor our favorite cartoon characters, here is a compilation of fun facts, quizzes, and gifs that celebrate the beloved Sunday newspaper comic. So don’t be a blockhead Charlie Brown, and check out these links…

  1. “9 Things You Might Not Know About Peanuts

Peanuts - pe_c150925.tif

  1. The 10 Best ‘Peanuts’ Comic Strips of All Time

Peanuts - pe_c150915.tif

  1. 18 Signs You’re A Real Life Charlie Brown

Peanuts - pe_c141127.tif

  1. Which Peanuts Character Are You?

Peanuts - pe_c130919.tif

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