Ally Coonradt Hall
Student Director0

It’s no shock that it feels like a long, long time ago we found out there would be a new Star Wars movie. We were nervous because we didn’t want the movie to be distorted. We’ve been #blessed to find out it actually looks really promising and possibly the best thing to ever happen to the cinematic world. We have one short month left until minds can be graced with such amazing things. Until then, here are a few things you can do to distract yourself until December 18th.

1. Invest most of your time into tackling finals. Let’s be honest, you’re going to need it.


2. Learn a new song on guitar or another instrument of your choosing.


3. Finally ask that girl/guy out that you’ve been working up the courage to all semester. Plus, if he/she rejects you, you’ll have a nice long break to avoid the awkwardness of that situation.


4. Learn the lyrics to your favorite rap song.


5. Think of creative insults for people who refuse to see the new movie because they “don’t get” the hype. Like, have you even seen the movies, bro?


6. Visit your family and try not to talk about your excitement.


7. In all seriousness, invest some more time in the real “force” by opening up your Bible and having some good devo time.


8. Try out some cool, new Pinterest hairstyles. Side buns anyone?


9. While you’re at it, try out some cool new Pinterest makeup tutorials. #IWokeUpLikeThis


10. Practice putting some of your favorite hobbies together (e.i. riding unicycles, bagpipes, and costume-ing).


11. Go shopping and strut your stuff to all your friends. #fabulous


12. Volunteer your time with your favorite local charity.


13. Get so deep in a YouTube watching sesh that you end up finding a video with cats fighting with lightsabers…


14. Finally hit the gym. #swoll


15. Have a jam sesh with some of your closest friends.


16. Place googly eyes on random pictures and objects to make them infinitely more awesome. 


17. Add lightsabers to everyday situations to make your life more exciting. 


18. Learn absolutely everything there is to know about the new movie so you can annoyingly “impress” your friends and family with your knowledge.


19. Re-enact scenes from the earlier films with reluctant participation from your roommates and friends.


20. Come up with some odd costumes for your favorite pets…


21. Then, when that glorious day finally comes, it’ll feel as though you waited no time at all. Get ready to be transformed.