Bree Whitelock
Online Editor

We’re people and well naturally, we have questions. Have you ever felt strongly toward an article topic you read in the Swinging Bridge Magazine or the Swinging Bridge Online? My suggestion, write a letter to the editor. Letters to the editor were created as a way of offering a place for public comment.

Here’s why I think you should write a letter to Maddie Crozenzi, Editor-in-Chief of the Swinging Bridge Magazine.


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1. A letter to the editor gives you the ability to express your opinion or point of view on an article published through the Swinging Bridge.

2. She wants to hear what you have to say, we’re a student-run newspaper after all.


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3. Opinion pieces are highly read by our viewers. Don’t you want your piece read by a majority of the student body, faculty and staff?

4. You can offer a new perspective to a story not previously addressed.


5. Just look at her, isn’t this reason enough?

If interested in sending a letter to the editor, compose an email to