Alyssa Burd
Online News Editor


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Last night, members of Messiah’s freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior classes united with their peers in Hitchcock Arena for Bombardment—the annual Eyas dodgeball tournament between the classes.

The tournament featured three games per round. The first team to win two out of the three games advanced to the championship round. The back of each team’s court was also lined with five traffic cones, each with a tennis ball balanced on its point. If a team could successfully knock all five tennis balls off the opposing class’s cones, the class was granted an instant win for that game.

Round one of the tournament featured two separate games. Freshmen faced off against the seniors as the sophomore class went head-to-head against the juniors. At the round’s conclusion, the senior and sophomore classes emerged victorious and advanced to the championship game.

Spectators lined the track above the arena as the classes dodged and battled below. No instant wins were granted as several tennis balls remained intact on each side of the competition.

Both classes were able to defend their side of the court throughout much of the final round. The sophomores managed to secure the first win, however, the seniors dominated in the final two games declaring themselves the reigning Bombardment champions.


Seniors v. Sophomores during the Bombardment dodgeball tournament. Photo credit: Mary Stiffler

According to senior Jeffrey Stiles, “The seniors play to win, we mean business. Who runs the world? Seniors.”

Sophomore Becky Powell adds, “Even though we lost, it was worth it. We’re definitely coming again next year. Next year is our year.”

Although the competition was strong, the members of Eyas sought to establish a sense of unity between the classes throughout the tournament.

Eyas Chairman and senior, Alex Morgan says, “Eyas ultimately strives to establish class identity as well as a stronger connection between the classes. [Bombardment] definitely brings a competitive edge, but it also encourages students to unite and rally behind their class. It was a lot of fun and I’m glad the seniors won.”