Myriam Pedercini
Culture Editor


Yesterday began one of the biggest events for the Center for Public Humanities—the Spring Humanities Symposium.

This year’s theme is Image. Image is not only relevant to the humanities, but it is also significantly relevant to contemporary society.

“We were intrigued with how much our contemporary society revolved around image, with Instagram and the way images are used. Historically too, image has shaped much of our culture” says Dr. Jean Corey, director of the Center for Public Humanities.

Students, faculty and other community members will play a part in displaying their projects and expertise. This public forum welcomes members from the surrounding communities to become involved in a weeklong discussion. The week holds fascinating panel discussions, performances and a new integration of virtual exhibits that will become live this week.

“We’ve expanded our way of thinking about how knowledge is disseminated,” says Corey in regards to the addition of the virtual exhibits.

The Symposium’s Keynote speaker, Mark Samels, will speak on Feb. 25 at 7 p.m. in the Calvin and Janet High Center. Tickets for this event are free but required, and are available at the ticket office.

For more information, connect with the Center for Public Humanities on their Facebook page in addition to Twitter @MCpubhum. You can also follow them on Instagram @mcpublichumanities. The schedule for upcoming events is available on their website Virtual exhibits will be live and accessible throughout the week at