Alyssa Burd
Online Editor

Students have become accustomed to the sounds of construction workers and machinery since the beginning of the school year, but what will the campus construction have in store for Messiah in the next few months?


Dining addition; photo retrieved from

The dining addition project, officially known as “The Alumni Plaza,” is now scheduled to be completed on March 20th after the delays caused by recent snowfall. Work on the patio and outdoor spaces is set to be finished by mid-April.

In addition to the completion of “The Alumni Plaza,” construction for the new sports center will officially begin during the week of spring break. According to Kathie Shafer, Vice-President of Operations, some drastic changes will be taking place on campus during this time.

“The construction fence will come down into College Avenue and traffic between the north gate and Chapel Drive will become one-way. Parking will get very tight and crowded, so the College will be very strict about parking in your designated lots,” Shafer says.


Sports center; photo retrieved from

Once construction starts, the current sports center will still be open for use. However, the coaches’ hallway will become the main entrance and exit location until the project is completed. Signs will be placed around the area in order to direct students to the building.

“This will be an exciting but challenging time,” Shafer says. “Getting around campus will become a little more time consuming, so students should plan accordingly for their time. Also, make sure you park where you’re assigned because we won’t have any extra spaces.”

Construction on the sports center will be taking place throughout all of the next school year and is set to be completed in August of 2017. For more information, pictures and updates, visit the Facility Services web page at