Comedian Chuck Berks performing at Magic of Laughter in the Union.

Comedian Chuck Burks performing at Magic of Laughter in the Union.

Madeline Crocenzi

SAB hosted an event called “Magic of Laughter” featuring comedy and magic at the Union tonight.

The night started out with stand-up comedy from gospel comedian Chuck Burks. Burks is a New York City comedian, entertainer and actor who has appeared in The Sopranos and the movie Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

Burks earned laughs when he said college students are “blessed but broke.” He also described the more comedic aspects of his marriage such as when his wife made marinated spiced chicken with Old Spice rather than Old Bay spice.

Special Activities Executive Tiffany Billings said she picked Burks for tonight’s event because he specializes in clean comedy.

“I was talking with an agent about what he recommended, and I wanted someone clean. He sent me about eight videos to look through, and even all of those videos didn’t even look that clean, so I was like I’m looking for a Christian clean. He sent me two more videos and Chuck Burks was the most clean out of them,” said Billings.

After Burks, senior business major Elijah Morgan took the stage to perform his magic act. Morgan is a “magic and mystery performer,” who blends comedy and magic for a more modern show.

Although he’s been interested in magic since age seven and started performing at 13, tonight was the first time he performed in front of his peers.

“I tried to keep it a secret freshman year as long as I could. I would leave for weekends and days. I also play guitar, and I have gigs for that too. Eventually, they were like ‘you didn’t bring your guitar,’” said Morgan.

Morgan started off his show by saying the key to a great magic show is a great audience. He pulled audience members onstage for tricks using cards, Tic Tacs and red solo cups filled with water.

Overall the night was full of laughter and fun, meeting Billings’ plan for a relaxing night.

“I think it’s really important to take that time to laugh, to relax, to just have fun in college or else you’ll just get overwhelmed and stressed out,” said Billings.

However, comedy and magic do more than offer just a time to unwind. Associate Professor at Loma Linda University, Dr. Lee Berk, told TIME laughter has many health benefits.

Laughter stops the release of cortisol, a stress hormone, and starts the production of neurochemicals, such as dopamine, that reduce anxiety and stress.

Morgan especially made use of the feel-good nature of laughter during his show. “I’ve learned that college students like making fun of their friends in the best way possible. Since my show uses people from the audience, they get to laugh at their friends, while their friends are still laughing.”

If you missed Magic of Laughter tonight, it was just one of many events Special Activities is hosting this semester. There will be a Price is Right event in March as well as a carnival twist on this year’s Spring Shabing.

Make sure to check back with the Pulse and SAB for more information on fun events this semester.


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