Jenna Stover
Student Writer

super bowl

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From a league plagued with injuries and back-up quarterbacks, to Chip Kelly’s removal from the Philadelphia Eagles, the Super Bowl has finally arrived.

With three days left until the commencement of Super Bowl 50, students of Messiah wait in anticipation for Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers to take on Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos. This weekend is about football.

Junior Brooke Gamble comments, “I am excited to get a group of close friends together with some great food, conversation, great advertisements, and most importantly, football.” Many other students have commented that even though they are not avid football fans, they are anticipating the advertisements in between the game as well as Coldplay’s halftime show.

However, most do not know what goes on behind the scenes of the Super Bowl game.

Having a father that played in the National Football League, I can attest that not only is viewing the game on television invigorating, but understanding the hard work and determination of the players who are participating in the game makes the Super Bowl even more awe-inspiring.


Jenna Stover and her father, former NFL player Matt Stover; photo: courtesy of Jenna Stover

The countless interviews, the pressure not only from critics but fans, family members, coaches, and even teammates on a national stage unlike any other, in addition to being able to perform at the highest level, sets the Super Bowl apart from any other championship game played in America.

Though it is hard to watch the game without my anxiety rising, watching the Super Bowl is a temptation I will not be able to resist. Last year, 114.4 million people viewed the Super Bowl game, and this year will be no exception to tradition.

Though the NFL has struggled with competition and countless numbers of prominent injuries this year, two high-profile quarterbacks, Newton and Manning, will face each other in a game you won’t want to miss.

Make sure to tune into CBS this Sunday at 6:30 pm to watch a milestone—Super Bowl 50 and possibly Peyton Manning’s last game. Enjoy the company of your friends, some great food, and a great game of football!