Valerie Bell
Student Writer

Tinder has become familiar to many students at Messiah. This newly trending app with approximately 50 million users is based on location and discovery settings in order to facilitate communication between mutually interested matches.

Tinder users can set preferences for their gender, age and proximity. They also have the option to write a short biography and upload up to six pictures that are synced from their Facebook accounts.


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When a “match” pops up, users can swipe left on their screens if they aren’t interested, or swipe right to indicate interest. The “super like” option is also available to indicate that the user “really likes” that particular match.

The amount of “super likes” a Tinder user has is limited to one per day. When two people both like each other, they will be “matched” and have the ability to chat.

Due to the app’s bad reputation, one could argue that Messiah students should not use Tinder as a source to “hook up.” Not all students use the app, but many users on campus think of it as another social media platform.

“Honestly, I use Tinder because it’s entertaining. I’m not looking to get anything out of it. I just like to see what people say off of their first impressions. It’s a source of humor in my life,” says first-year Eliese Bjerke.

“I don’t meet people on there, I just think it’s funny,” adds senior Jordan Sites.

Jamar Gittens, a first-year student who is not involved with the app, mentions, “It’s stupid. It doesn’t show the ability to talk to people.”

However, some students have developed committed relationships with people they’ve met through the app. Sophomore Megan Lieby says, “At first, I thought Tinder was really stupid and it was only for people who wanted to hook up. But I got [Tinder] and had it for less than a day with no intentions of finding anyone. When I got a match, it was strange at first, but then we started talking and it turned into something amazing. Now we’ve been dating for eight months.”


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Other students say they use Tinder to meet people and talk because they are too shy in person. Others use it to connect with other people on nearby campuses or just purely for entertainment when they’re bored.

There are both pros and cons that come with Tinder usage, so it is important for students to be smart and stay safe if choosing to utilize the application.

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