The Falcon Flash Staff of Lower Dauphin High School

Cfc0Sc9XEAAxgNDThe Falcon Flash of Lower Dauphin had the opportunity to visit Messiah College and The Pulse.   The students of LDHS got the opportunity to see the real life process of media production. Follow the story on Twitter with the #FlashAtMessiah.

The beginning of the day was spent with Jessalyn Megerle, Social Media Manager. Megerle showed the class the importance of advertising via social media. The Falcon Flash now understands the value of media platforms. Currently, the staff is updating our newly launched website Then, Eric Moore showed us around the beautiful campus of Messiah.   Even with the dreary weather, the campus was warm and welcoming. “After the tour of the campus,” says Faith Cole, a freshman of Lower Dauphin, “I am thinking about continuing my education here.” The day was ended with Maddie Crocenzi, Editor-in-Chief, who taught us about the SBM. The staff is amazed by everything that the magazine is able to produce. We are leaving with new inspirations and ideas to improve our newspaper publication. The staff would also like to thank Dr. Ed Arke for welcoming us to the Messiah Campus and introducing the broadcast section to us. “I am thankful for the opportunity for my students to see the ins and outs of media production at Messiah College,” says Mrs. Lena Russell, Journalism Advisor, Lower Dauphin High School.