Kelsi Kramer wearing a Serengetee t-shirt that supports the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, USA; photo retrieved from Kramer’s Instagram

Myriam Pedercini
Culture Editor

In-between classes and balancing the duties of a college student, sophomore Kelsi Kramer is a college representative for an up and coming clothing brand, Serengetee. Kramer promotes the brand through interactions on campus and her social media account with #weartheworldwednesday.

“It’s not necessarily about the clothes you get to wear,” Kramer explained. “It’s about the people you get to help and the people you get to wear the world with.”

The company was founded by two college students who, after traveling the world, formed Serengetee with the mission to wear the world and empower others. The merchandise is crafted by artisans around the world and the proceeds go back to support the artisans and their families. Additionally, 10% of the profits go to grassroots causes working to improve their communities.

Campus Representative Leader, Mary Kate Tucker, expressed the hope of empowerment Serengetee provides through its products’ global connections.

“To me, Serengetee truly symbolizes hope,” Tucker said. “There is hope that good change can happen in the world, that the younger generation will want to see people excel in amazing ways and want to give back to those who need it more than themselves.”

Prints from various countries such as Japan, Peru and India are available, each connected to a different cause to help give back.

“It’s a way to connect with people we’re not face to face with,” Kramer said.

Tucker encourages college students to take even the smallest step in helping someone across the world by clicking a button.

“College students always complain about being broke and never having time for things,” Tucker said. “What I want college students to realize is that by purchasing something as simple as a hat or shirt, they are helping to change someone else’s life that does not have nearly as much as they do. They can help people all over the world with a simple click online.”

To learn more about Serengetee, go to https://www.serengetee.com. Use Kramer’s discount code with your purchase for a 15% off your total purchase: Kramer15. You can also follow her on Instagram @KelsiKramer.



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