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Messiah alumni, parents, and
grandparents are giving students a break by providing a $3 gift on every student’s ID card this finals week.

The $3 is good to use at The Falcon, Union or Café Diem May 4-May 14. To redeem the $3 students must say, “Give ‘em a Break” or “Department 4” at checkout.

Assistant Director of Annual Giving, Lauren Seneca, says individuals gave $10 per student which went towards the $3 gift and student scholarship aid.

“Give em’ a Break campaign provides each student with a break during finals week,” Seneca says. “Alumni, parents, grandparents, faculty, staff and friends graciously give $10 per student which not only provides each student with a break, but also benefits student scholarship for the upcoming academic year.”

The campaign was started five years ago and continues to provide all 2,550 committed students a much-needed treat during finals week.

“It’s important for students to know about this campaign because we want them to know they are loved and prayed for as they finish out their semesters strong,” Seneca says. “Alumni who have gone before them as well as others such as parents, grandparents, faculty, staff and friends want to pass along encouragement to each student as they study hard and set out to finish what they started this academic year.”

Seneca expects the campaign to continue in the years to come, giving students the chance to give back once they are alumni.

“What is so neat about this tangible gift is that as students graduate and become young alum, they have the opportunity to pay it forward. It’s not hard to recall the stresses of those last days leading up to finals and each student has had a unique path getting there. We love seeing students receive a gift that encourages and empowers them to finish their semester strong.”

As the semester closes, give yourself a break and grab a cup of coffee, cookie or some ice cream with this generous gift.



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