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It’s the last Tuesday of the school year, so it’s time for one last Tattoo Tuesdays before the summer begins!

This week, I got to interview senior Janae Palmer about her three stunning tattoos and what they mean to her.

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Senior dance and theatre double major, Janae Palmer, has three tattoos.

Jen Morgan: How many tattoos do you have?
Janae Palmer: Three – my left foot, my left hip and my ribs.

JM: Where did you get your tattoos and who is your artist?
JP: For my first tattoo, I went to Ryan at Damascus Tattoo Company in Maryland. For the second, I went to Brandon at 717 Tattoo Company in Mechanicsburg. My third artist was Dust Deimler, also at 717 Tattoo Company in Mechanicsburg.

JM: Which tattoo hurt the most?
JP: My ribs – definitely ribs.

JM: What is the most common question you get asked about your tattoos?
“Did it hurt?”

JM: What is the most common misconception about people with tattoos?
JP: That the tattoo is meaningless. They don’t understand the meaning behind it and the placement. They look at it and don’t see a story – they only see ink – but there’s so much more meaning.

JM: Which tattoo means the most to you?
JP: I think the feather tattoo on my hip. It was during a huge transition point in my life, and it demonstrates that.

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Palmer got two of her three tattoos done at local 717 Tattoo Company in Mechanicsburg.

JM: What are your plans for your next tattoo?
I’m getting “Unashamed” with a cross on my wrist. I’m unashamed of who I am in Christ, and how He has redeemed me.

JM: Do you have a tattoo playlist? How do you handle the pain?
JP: No, I don’t listen to the music. During a tattoo, I have the same mindset I have when I work out – I focus on my breathing, on what’s in the room, and I remind myself that it’s temporary.

JM: Do you go alone or with friends to your appointments?
I prefer to go alone. The first time I went, I went with three other girls, and they were more nervous than me! The second time, I just went myself – and it was awesome. For the third, I took my sister. I think either being alone or just with one person is my preference.

JM: What advice would you give to someone considering getting a tattoo?
JP: Know that the experience is meaningful and that the tattoo will make a difference in your life. They have so much meaning, and they influence your daily life and how you live. I know my tattoos have done that for me.

JM: What is one thing you wish everyone knew about tattoos?
JP: They are a part of the person; they’re not separate from the person, like an earring or a necklace is. They’re physically part of the skin. It’s just like another body part, like a toe, instead of a decoration.

Thanks for checking out my Tattoo Tuesdays posts this semester! Even though this is the last edition, feel free to tweet me @JenMorgan94 with any of your tattoo questions.

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