IMG_5970Matthew Blaylock
From: Clarence, PA
Major: Music Education

Why do you want to be a music education major?

I chose music education because I have a passion for music and through my high school band director, I saw how they really impacted students’ lives and I just want to change lives.

Why did you choose to come to Messiah?

It was actually the first place I visited, my band director actually went to the state music conference and told me “hey, you would really like Messiah,” and I was like “Okay, cool.” So I came here and I walked into the music building and thought “Definitely the place for me.” One application and it was done.

Is there anything you are nervous about for the upcoming school year?

I’m nervous about playing music in front of other people—people who actually care about it and are really good; but I’m excited to work with everyone too.

Do you have any goals for this school year?

My goal is to stay organized and not gain fifteen pounds!

IMG_5969Elizabeth Blaylock (Matthew’s mother)

Do you have any fears or expectations for your son as he moves into college?

I think he’ll do great, he loves music and he likes meeting new people so I think it’ll be a great experience for him.

How do you feel about your son moving away from home?

It’s going to be tough, he’s my best friend and we’re really close. It will be very different, we live about two hours from campus, around State College.

What do you think about Messiah after moving in?

It’s wonderful! Everyone is so happy and upbeat. It was a smooth transition moving in here so I think it’s great!


IMG_5987Patrick Amadon
From: Waterford, Vermont
Major: Nursing

Why did you choose your major?

I chose nursing because I love working with and helping people. I also love science and work in the medical fields, so it seemed like a really good fit for me.

Why did you choose Messiah?

I was looking for a smaller Christian college that had a nursing program and the more I looked into it, there weren’t many colleges like that across the country. I visited a couple [schools] and Messiah just seemed like the best fit for me. It was exactly what I wanted—I liked the atmosphere, I liked the people, and it just seemed good!

What are you most excited about for this year?

I’m excited about meeting people and starting a new chapter of my life on my own; being more independent—I’m very excited about that!

What are thoughts on Messiah and orientation so far?

So far it’s been awesome, there’s been great energy and all the people have been so nice and amazing. It’s just made me feel at home.

IMG_5988Matt Amadon (Patrick’s father)

How do you feel about your son moving away from home?

We’re pretty confident for him and we’re not too worried. He’s a pretty independent kid and he’s been to some pretty crazy places in the world. He knows how to handle himself now.

What are you most excited about as your son moves into college?

I’m excited for a positive experience for him and for him to have a good time at college. It’s a learning experience, it’s a time when you’re going to grow the most and set your path to where you want to be. It’s a big step and we know he’s ready for it so that’s why he’s here.


Zoe KaminIMG_6012
From: Dillsburg, PA
Major: Nursing

Why did you choose to become a nursing major?

I’ve always been fascinated by the human body and I really like nursing because it allows you to spend more time with the patients. I also want a job that’s oriented around people so that I can directly help them.

Why did you choose Messiah?

I was originally set to go to Pitt, but then I realized that I learn a lot better in smaller environments. I really liked how small [Messiah] was—it was big enough so that I could meet new people but small enough that I could get a good learning experience. I also love being outside so I like all the nature on campus!

Do you have any goals for this school year?

Just to branch out and try new things. I don’t want to be afraid to interact with people who might not share the exact same interests as I do.


Jackie ComlyIMG_6013
From: Souderton, PA
Major: Nursing

Why did you choose nursing?

I just love helping people and I actually want to do work in third world countries when I’m older so nursing is something that those countries really need because they don’t have good healthcare there. I also just love being around people.

Why did you decide to come to Messiah?

I really love the Christian community and just the fact that they teach you to apply your faith to your job. I just really loved that aspect of Messiah as well as how small and close-knit it is.

Is there anything that you’re nervous about for this school year?

I guess I’m nervous about just balancing everything, from social life to school work and then sleep—just making sure everything balances each other out.

Do you have any goals for this semester?

My goal is to meet new people and really deepen my relationship with the Lord.

IMG_6015Sharon Comly (Jackie’s mother)

Do you have any concerns or expectations for your daughter as she’s moving into college?

No concerns really, I know a lot of people who have come [to Messiah] and we’ve heard really good things about the nursing program. I feel like it will be encouraging and uplifting to her spiritually as well as academically. We’re very confident that it’s the right place for her and she’ll do great.

How do you feel about your daughter moving away from home?

I’m not going to cry…I already did! I feel like she’ll be fine but it’ll be a big adjustment for sure!

What are you most excited about for your daughter as she starts school?

I don’t have any medical professionals in my family so [nursing] is a new thing for us. A friend that we know graduated from Messiah and was hired by great hospital near us before she even graduated. The hospital specifically said they wanted the psycho-spiritual component in their nurses so I think this will be a really good program for Jackie.


IMG_5973Bryton Baum
From: Manheim, PA

Major: Biology, Pre-Med concentration

Why biology?

It’s just something I’ve always felt called to do.

Why Messiah?

I have a lot of friends and family members who have gone here and I’ve heard a lot about it that seemed good. They have a good pre-med program and it was close to home too.

Is there anything that you are nervous about going into this school year?

My work mostly—making sure that I pass everything with high grades as well as making sure that everything just goes smoothly.

What do you think about orientation so far?

Everyone is very helpful. We got moved in here super fast, faster than I thought we would. Everyone has just been very friendly and helpful so it has taken a lot of stress away.

Do you have any goals for this school year?

Meet new people, make friends, and just have fun.

IMG_5971Marci Baum (Bryton’s mother)

How do you feel about your son moving away from home?

He’s been away from home other times before, but I think it will be great time for him to be able to focus on what he needs to.

Do you have any expectations for your son as he moves into college?

I have hopes for him, just with this whole experience—learning to make new connections and kind of stretch out of his comfort zone and really embracing that. Maybe I have some fears about him becoming overwhelmed with the heavy load that comes with the pre-med, biology major, but I know he’ll do great.


Melanie SiegleIMG_6007
From: West Deptford, New Jersey
Major: Early Childhood Education

Why did you choose your major?

I just always liked working with younger kids ever since I was like, twelve. I found it really fun and I always enjoyed working in the nursery in church, and I have a lot of younger cousins so I liked playing with them as well; I just thought “Yeah, I could see myself doing this for the rest of my life.”

Do you have anything you’re most excited about for this school year?

I’m excited to make friends and take classes that have something to do with my major because I always thought that the concept of that was awesome!

Do you have any goals for this school year?

Just to do well and do my best to glorify God while I’m here!


alyssabwAlyssa Burd
Online Editor

Alyssa is junior journalism major who hails from the beautiful land of Grantham 1st.