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As freshman orientation was slowly winding down, the residents of all first-year dormitories were pumped up to compete in the annual First-Year Residence Hall Games on Saturday. However, none were more excited than the residents of Naugle, who brought home the coveted Golden Torch for the second year in a row.


Naugle R.D., Josiah Hatfield with the Golden Torch.

Although Witmer and Bittner fought to finish all of the Games’ activities, it was Naugle that successfully completed the “Ultimate Challenge” and pulled their Residence Director, Josiah Hatfield, to victory via an inner tube in the Yellow Breeches.

“By the time I got into the water, we had a decent lead,” Hatfield said. “I felt confident in our positioning and then kudos to those in the water, pulling me to the Swinging Bridge super quickly.”

As Naugle residents took their ceremonial splash in the Breeches’ water, their traditional chant of “Naugle ain’t never been scared” resonated throughout Starry Fields. The chant was actually created by members of Naugle’s Resident Assistant staff back in 2011.

“While being afraid or vulnerable is something that we all go through and is healthy, come competition times, it’s fun to shout ‘ain’t never been scared’ as a reflection of our strength when we come together,” Hatfield said.

That chant is familiar to Hatfield as this is his fifth year as the Residence Director of Naugle. This year, he has new hopes and expectations for his residents: “I’ve only had a few days with this year’s Naugle first-years, but there are lots of great people who are excited to be in college and get to know each other,” Hatfield explained. “It’s always a joy to see what the year will bring.”


Naugle celebrates another victory in the Yellow Breeches.

The new year also brings new chances for the building to bond. “I’m excited for them to grow together and to create their own sense of community,” Hatfield continued. “Each year is different and unique, and I’m excited for this year’s crew to make it their own.”

Hatfield believes that the annual First-Year Games are key in achieving this sense of community each year: “Winning or losing, it’s so much fun to be all together, working as a team. There’s not many times throughout the year where we get to do that,” Hatfield said.

Hatfield also goes on to explain the goals he hopes to achieve within the Naugle community through the theme of “patterns” this semester. “I hope to focus on the different habits or patterns we have in our lives, opting for healthy patterns that lead towards spiritual, academic and social growth.”

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alyssabwAlyssa Burd
Online Editor

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