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Family Weekend. For many students at Messiah, it’s the first time they get to see their family since the end of August. It’s simultaneously a tearful reunion and a weekend of evading your mom’s skillful interrogation tactics. (Yeah, mom I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, get at least eight hours of sleep a night and clean my dorm room every day!) Overall Family Weekend is one of the best weekends at Messiah and here’s why:

  1. Your parents will inevitably restock the snack supply you finished in the first week.


I get it – you started off with the best intentions of eating healthy and saving your food. But suddenly that first big paper comes up, and you find yourself eating the entire bag of Cheetos, family-size bin of animal cookies and using ten k-cups in one night. Luckily, your parents are here to support you (and your ravenous appetite).

  1. You can watch your little sibling tip their canoe in the Breeches.
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Who hasn’t wanted to push their little sibling in the Breeches a time or two? Especially after they terrorize your entire hall and touch every single item in your dorm room. Now, you don’t have to face the wrath of your mom. Canoe with your family on the Breeches and watch your little sibling inevitably tip the canoe and fall in any way!

  1. You can impress your dad by walking around like an official college tour guide.


If your family is like mine, every road trip or vacation somehow ends up in your dad veering off course to take you on a tour of some battlefield or famous monument. Now’s the time to turn the tables. Walk around campus like the important person you are and point out every famous landmark at Messiah. Kudos if you say hi to every person walking by so your dad thinks you’re ridiculously popular.

  1. There will be animals!


Because after almost a month of school without your beloved pet, you’re ready to curl up in a ball and cry tears of happiness every time there’s an animal around.

  1. Your dorm room will end up cleaner than when you moved in.


Moms like to clean. It’s what they do. I give it about 20 minutes into Family Weekend before your mom makes your bed, sweeps your room and dusts. Who knows, she may even throw in a load of laundry while she’s there because she’s basically superwoman.

  1. There’s FINALLY another Coffeehouse.


The first-year Coffeehouse is my favorite way to start off the semester. But afterward, there’s a Coffeehouse drought until Family Weekend. It’s not even remotely similar when you drink coffee and eat a Union cookie in your room while listening to covers of acoustic worship songs. Now you can witness the real thing during Family Weekend.

  1. You get to see the best people in the entire world.


It’s your family, and you’re together again. Despite all their quirks, they’re the ones who know you and love you the best. Bring on the tears.


You can view the entire Family Weekend schedule at Enjoy the weekend with your family!



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