Erin Sweigart
Student Writer

Professors. What comes to mind when you hear this word? Homework, exams, lectures, sleeping? Or perhaps you think of the words caring, compassionate, learning and exciting? While professors sometimes get a bad rap for assignments and finals, a lot goes on outside of the classroom. Professors spend hours grading assignments and creating syllabi, some weeks at the expense of their family time. It’s important to recognize the hard work that goes into our higher education, and it’s good to take time now and then to thank them for their hard work and effort.


Sophomore Rachel Lawrence thanks Professor Tammy Hogan from last semester’s Education and American Society class. “We had an awesome class, you were really nice and made it really fun and enjoyable,” says Lawrence. “I learned so much from you, and I just want to say a big, big thank you for making the class wonderful and also for bringing us food.”






Junior Akinyi Cooke has many professors to thank, including Professor John Harms and Michael Shin for being so helpful. Cook went to Nicaragua with Professor Gladys Robalino, whom she described as “very passionate” and “the sweetest professor.” She would like to give a final shout out to Professor Devin Manzullo-Thomas for being a cool professor.






Junior Glenn Callihan thanks Professor Joseph Huffman: “Thank you for being encouraging and for your continued excellence as a professor; I’m looking forward to seeing how the Trial of Joan of Arc plays out with you.”





Sophomore Olivia McCullum has some words of praise for Professor Mike Zigarelli: “I was in Professor Zigarelli’s Opportunities in Business class. What a great teacher—he showed me that being in business is more than making a profit and being successful. Through him, I have begun to see that business people can have a higher calling to serve others wholeheartedly and honestly. Business can truly be used to honor Christ. Thank you!”