Erin Zakin
Web Manager
nationalcoffeeday-2Happy National Coffee Day, caffeine addicts! Sometimes getting the same exact mug of coffee every day from Lottie can get boring, so here are a few ideas of coffee recipes to try making on your own or ordering at Cafe Diem, the Union, or the Falcon!

Make It Yourself

Iced Caramel Mocha – Fill a water cup with ice, then add a few pumps of caramel and hot fudge from the ice cream station. Pour hot coffee over, then add your choice of creamer. Add sweetener to taste.

Chili Mocha – Mix coffee with a pump or two of hot fudge. Sprinkle some chili flakes on top (available above the condiments).

Coffee Float – Add a small scoop of ice cream to your coffee instead of cream or sugar.

Order It

Pnationalcoffeeday-1umpkin Spice Latte – Order a latte with pumpkin syrup, add cinnamon to taste.

Black and White Mocha – Order a mocha with pumps of dark chocolate syrup and white chocolate syrup.

Grasshopper Mocha – Order a mocha with peppermint syrup.

Irish Dream – Order an iced mocha with white chocolate syrup and Irish creme syrup.

Erin is the Web Manager for the Pulse: Media Hub. She loves pizza, her cat, and watching reality tv.