Jemi Lui
Student Writer

9-23Kenedy Kieffer
Year: Junior
Major: Public Relations with a minor in Education

What’s the hardest thing about being an R.A.?

Probably having friends in apartments in different places around campus that don’t want to come back for freshman visitation; and finding the balance between my friends, homework, clubs and spending time with my floor.

Can you recall a weird or awkward experience that you’ve had at Messiah?

Freshman year I thought I knew my way around Messiah because I grew up around here, so I didn’t walk through my classes or anything – and then I ended up walking into a senior bible class on my first day of college.

What’s your best memory of your time at Messiah so far?

Definitely freshman year, beating the seniors in powder puff [football]. It was the first time the freshmen beat the seniors!

One fear you have or had going into this year?

Probably adjusting to home and transitioning back into the American school system and life.

Why did you choose to study abroad? Where did you go?

I didn’t get the RA position my sophomore year and I really wanted it. So Paula (our RD) took me out to dinner one day and told me about studying abroad and thought I should do it. So I did. And I loved it! I had the choice between Lithuania and Uganda, and I chose Uganda because it was warmer.

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