austenName: Austen Bower
Position: Audio/Visual Manager
Major: Film and Media Arts
Year: Junior
Hometown: Montoursville, PA

Favorite quote:

“A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.” – Roald Dahl

Biggest goal in life right now:

My biggest goal is currently to become successful in the California Film Industry, but also not lose sight of my roots.

A fun fact about me:

I used to fence for about 12 years—I only stopped because Messiah doesn’t have a fencing club.

Where you see yourself in 5 years:

I imagine I will probably see myself in a mirror at least once, or at least a reflection of some sort.


ryanName: Ryan Emerick
Position: Audio/Visual Assistant
Major: Business-Operations Management
Year: Senior
Hometown: Eldersburg, Maryland

Favorite Messiah memory:

Working every week with the Powerhouse club and watching people grow and change through worship.

What I would title my autobiography:

Cars, Guitars, and Other Ways to Make Too Much Noise

Favorite place in the world:

Long Beach Island, NJ. My grandparents have a beach house there and I have so many great memories of spending time with friends and family at the shore.

What I would splurge on if I had extra money:

A Yamaha XSR 900, my dream motorcycle at the moment.


beccaName: Becca Simon
Position: Audio/Visual Assistant
Major: Social Work
Year: Junior
Hometown: Bel Air, MD

Biggest goal in life right now:

To graduate college and get into a good grad school. Also, to keep my pet goldfish, Speckles, alive for at least one semester…

What I would title my autobiography:

Becca Simon: The Scrambled Egg of the Breakfast Club

What I would splurge on I had extra money:

I would spend all the money on crazy socks and interesting kitchen gadgets! #noshame

A fun fact about me:

I can snap my toes! You know how you can snap your fingers… yeah, well I can do that with my toes! I have also been told I can do a pretty convincing Squidward face.