IMG_6656Ashlyn Miller
Position: Student Director
Major: Journalism
Year: Senior
Hometown: Middletown, MD

Favorite quote: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”—Martin Luther King, Jr.

Favorite place in the world (and why its your favorite): Any high place with a sweeping view. I love the climb (not the Miley Cyrus song) to the top, and I always feel in awe when I can look out over God’s creation. So my answer is not a cop-out, I would also say Lake Garda, a place I visited on the Italy cross-cultural this past summer (which I would highly recommend, by the way!). It had the clearest water I have ever seen, and the surrounding town was adorable and filled with so much history and character.

What would you title your autobiography?: Life is Never Boring: How I Survived Caving, Working in Promotions and Other Adventures

What would you splurge on if you had extra money?: A kayak has been near the top of my wish list for a while—or honestly, dessert (something that gets cut out pretty often now that I’m buying groceries for my apartment). Anyone that knows me well knows I’m a major sweet tooth and that ice cream is one of my first loves—specifically Phillies Graham Slam.


Bree-HeadshotBree Whitelock
Position: Assistant Student Director
Major: Public Relations
Year: Senior
Hometown: Pottstown, PA

Your favorite Messiah memory: The friends who continue to grant me new memories each day.

Your biggest goal in life right now: Learning to budget would be nice, but I’d also really like to finally make stuffed peppers instead of just saying I’m going to.

Describe the best trip youve ever taken: J-term 2014 I went backpacking in Kuai, Hawaii with the Adventure Education program.

Where you see yourself in 5 years: Able to afford nice clothes, but still shopping at thrift stores.