Valerie Bell
Student Writer


The new Winding Hill facility is located off-campus, and houses graduate programs for Masters of Occupational Therapy. Photo retrieved from

The long awaited completion of the Winding Hill Center has finally arrived. The newly renovated 32,000 square foot facility provides programs for Masters of Occupational Therapy and is located approximately three miles off-campus.

According to Kathie Shafer, Messiah’s Vice President of Operations, the building includes a full-size apartment, pediatrics lab with sensory integration equipment, a climbing wall and indoor play gym and a multipurpose room. The facility also features several laboratories including a musculoskeletal lab, modality lab, cardiac lab and cadaver lab.


Inside one of the facility’s new classroom settings. Photo courtesy of Kathie Shafer.

“These will be the first graduate programs that are not online, but will be held on site,” Shafer says. Messiah currently offers graduate programs in business, conducting, counseling, education, higher education, leadership, nursing and certificate programs – all online.

Additionally, the Winding Hill Center houses space for nutrition, counseling and physical therapy. The building is designed to give students practical work experience in an advanced learning environment and the program is custom-designed for student’s coursework.

“Right now only faculty are using the space,” says Shafer. “The first class of students is expected in July 2017.”

Equipped with classrooms, labs and even a dining hall, graduate students will have an exciting opportunity to take classes in the new facility. All students are invited to the Winding Hill Center on November 2 from 5-6:30 p.m. for an open house to learn more about the Master of Occupational Therapy program.