Ashlyn Miller
Student Director

Game 1: Seniors vs. First-Years

Final Score— 29-12, Seniors

Highlights: The first-years started off the day with a pass-heavy offensive strategy, but couldn’t convert on their attempts. The seniors went with the opposite method, focusing on a strong running game. Three strong run plays allowed the seniors to score first.

“We definitely have focused a lot on running because we have a good defense to back us up, which helps [with that type of play],” said senior Emily Torres.

The first-years had a few three-and-out series, while the seniors stuck with the run game. Torres ran into the end zone to put the seniors up 13 to 0. At the half, the score was tallied at 19 to 0, with the seniors adding another touchdown on a pass play.

The seniors picked up where they left off in the second half, breaking away for a 60-yard run to widen the gap to 26 to 0.

“I think we did best when we [focused on] working together. We had a lot of energy,” said senior Becky Querfield.

However, the first-years proved to make things interesting throughout the remainder of the second half, picking up two interceptions to put the final score at 29-12.

“The key thing for us is to just do your best and play for your teammates,” said coach Paul Tajiri.

Game 2: Sophomores vs. Juniors

Final Score—13-6, Juniors

Highlights: This game featured stellar defense from both sides—both the sophomores and juniors had a three and out on their first possession.


The 2016 junior Powder Puff team.

“Our defense has some of our strongest players, so they were able to break through the O-line and pressure the quarterback. That was key for us,” said coach Logan Hunsberger.

The sophomores broke through first midway into the first half, with a 5 yard pass into the end zone. With two minutes left in the first half, the sophomores looked to add to the score with a 20 yard pass and two back-to-back strong run plays.

Momentum shifted dramatically in the second half. The sophomores fumbled in their own end zone and the juniors recovered and covered on the extra point to take the lead, 7 to 0.

From there, the juniors added on another touchdown with a 12 yard pass. They used their strong defense to hold on to the win, 13 to 6 and head to the championship game.

Championship Game: Juniors vs. Seniors

Final Score—23-6, Seniors

Highlights: The juniors were set back early with a few false start penalties, allowing the seniors to gain an advantage on defense. The seniors scored two running touchdowns in the first half to give themselves a 14 to 0 lead going into the half.


The champion senior Powder Puff team encourage each other during the tournament.

“I think what we learned from the last game (versus the first-years) is not to lose our intensity. We maintained it throughout the whole game this time. We just had this fire—we really wanted to win and kept encouraging each other,” said senior Sarah Hoffer.

The senior offensive dominance continued in the second half as an interception by Emily Torres pushed the score to 20 to 0.

The juniors were able to capitalize on an interception to put 6 points on the board, but in the end, the seniors were crowned Powder Puff 2016 champions.

“It’s really great to see all of our hard work as a team come together and transform on the field. This team has great chemistry and they are all really good friends, so that has just translated to a great day on the field,” said Tajiri.