Alyssa Burd
Online Editor

As a kid, Halloween is undoubtedly one of the best days of the year. There wasn’t a thing in the world that beat dressing up as a scary creature or iconic character and hoping the neighbors actually splurged on some good candy for trick-or-treating. However, let’s face it, once you get to college, Halloween tends to lose its luster. For those of you who are yearning for ways to spice up your Monday, here are eight things you can do to get in the spirit of Halloween.

  1. Dress up.

Just because we’re in college doesn’t mean you can’t relive your childhood and go all-out by wearing a costume in public. Be bold, grab some friends and rock those costumes!

  1. Eat out at Chipotle…in costume.

Seriously. Any Chipotle customer who shows up in costume can get a burrito, bowl, salad or tacos order at a discounted price on Halloween. It’s totally worth the awkward costume display in public, right?

  1. Be typical.

Carve a pumpkin, drink apple cider, scare your roommate—just be “that person.”

  1. Find an attraction.

During this time of year, there are lots of scary and spooky places to explore such as the Gettysburg Ghost Tours or Field of Screams. A quick Google search should be able to tell you the perfect place that will get your blood pumping.

  1. Candy binge.

Who cares about calories? It’s Halloween, and you know those Kit-Kats and Reese’s cups are calling your name.

  1. Scary movie marathon.

Gather all of your friends and search Netflix for some scary classics. The reaction of that one friend who is easily frightened should be enough to make this Halloween memorable.

  1. Check the election polls.

That’s scary enough.

  1. Begin the countdown.

Let’s face it before Halloween is even truly over everyone is just counting down the days until Thanksgiving break… (It’s 23 just in case you’re wondering).