Jemi Lui
Student Writer

In honor of Messiah’s Homecoming this past weekend, this edition of Humans of Messiah is dedicated to alumni!

homecoming-1-1Gerald Wingert
Class of 1950
Major: Philosophy and Religion

What is your history with Messiah?

I have a long heritage here at Messiah College. My grandfather was on the Board of Trustees, and so was my father. I’m on the Alumni Council. I came here in 1945 as a junior in high school. And then I stayed on, finished high school, then three years of junior college. This was not a degree granting institution at that time, so we had to transfer then to another college that would recognize our credits to finish off our degree program.

What is a favorite memory you have of your time at Messiah?

I have so many favorite memories, but the best would probably have to be the chapel services. Chapel was held in Old Main; the whole student body would meet there, all 150 of us. One of my great memories is the singing. Professor Earl Miller would lead our singing, and in that small room, we had a lot of good singing. Another favorite memory is the fact that I got to travel with the male chorus when we went on tour several years.

What is something you’re looking forward to this Homecoming weekend?

I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of people I haven’t seen in a long time. I’m also excited to see the expansion here on campus. There is hardly anything remaining of the original buildings – except for Old Main. I’m excited about what they’re doing in Eisenhower, how that’s going to come together.


homecoming-2-1Shirley Groff
Class of 1974
Major: English

Have you continued to work with what you did in your major?

I stayed at Messiah College, and I was working in the School of Humanities as an admin assistant for 42 years, and I just retired.

What is a favorite memory you have of your time at Messiah?

One of my favorite memories was that I was the editor of The Swinging Bridge, the student newspaper.

What is something you’re looking forward to this Homecoming weekend?

Meeting up with friends, people I haven’t seen in a while.




From right: Stacy Petersheim, Amy Streit, Christine Castalito, and Bobby Trudgeon.

Stacy Petersheim
Class of 1991
Major: Elementary Education

I currently teach second grade. A fond memory that I have of Messiah is that I met my husband here. Something I’m looking forward to is that my son is graduating from there this year.

Amy Streit
Class of 1991
Major: Elementary Education

A favorite memory is, honestly, of the friendships and relationships that I still have.

Christine Castalito
Class of 1991

My favorite memory is a combination of those. I met my husband here as well, and the friendships that I still have. Something I had looked forward to for this weekend was my 25th reunion, being able to see friends I haven’t been able to see in a while.

Bobby Trudgeon
Class of 1991
Major: Computer Science

25 years is a long time, so you kind of have general memories now. I guess the friendships that I made, and I did meet my husband here. I’m definitely looking forward to the coffeehouse tonight.


homecoming-41Justin Bollinger
Class of 2006
Major: History and Politics Minor

What is a favorite memory you have of your time here at Messiah?

Definitely the friendships I had with roommates, friendships that continue to this day. Fun memories of doing things around campus with the roommates that I had here.

What is something you’re looking forward to this Homecoming Weekend?

Just being back on campus, it’s special being back here. There’s a special nostalgic feeling about being back on campus, especially because we spent four years here.