Sharlene Oong
Student Writer

Music of all ages, “insta-worthy” food, selfie overload and a night to remember – the annual SAB Homecoming dance kicks off tomorrow night.


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This year’s theme is “Through the Decades” and SAB Dances Executive, Adam Barone is looking forward to how the DJs’ creativity will fare in the first SAB dance of the year. Music dating from the 70s and all the way to the modern music of today, will be played throughout the night.

“The idea is to have each hour where the set of decades is going to change—the first hour 70s and 80s, second hour would be 90s and early 2000s. The last two hours are going to be current music,” says Barone.

Elizabeth Martin, a junior business major, is excited about the variety of music: “Last year was my first year going as I didn’t go my freshman year,” says Martin. “I am expecting a great variety of music. I think that’s what makes a dance fun.”

The theme of “Through the Decades” not only applies to the music, but to the atmosphere in Hitchcock as well. Barone and the rest of the dance committee are working with Messiah’s catering to come up with “throwback” foods so students will be able to munch on the snacks they had when they were kids. Students can expect to see foods like bagel bites, dunkaroos and Hubba Bubba bubble gum.

As the first dance kicks off, Barone hopes that the SAB will bring pop culture to Messiah and “broaden our views and understand what is going on around us.”  Besides dances, SAB provides many of the main events on campus, such as B-Sides, coffeehouse, Lost Films, excursions, showcases and concerts.

“I feel as though one of my regrets from freshman year is not going [to Homecoming]—they are a great way to get to know more people,” says Martin. In more ways than one, an event like the Homecoming Dance is an opportunity for the student body to come together and celebrate the Messiah community.

Be sure to join your fellow students for “Through the Decades” tomorrow night in Hitchcock Arena from 8 p.m. to midnight. Tickets are available at the ticket office for $5.