Sharlene Oong
Student Writer

World Christian Fellowship (WCF) will be hosting the 41st annual Canoe-a-thon today at the Yellow Breeches. Guided by the LOFT team, the event will feature a 20-mile excursion to raise funds for international mission trips sent out every spring by the Agape Center.

As a student-lead organization on campus, World Christian Fellowship seeks to “bring awareness to the global church and educate students about how they can be involved as members of the global body of believers” says Amanda Rempel, events coordinator for WCF.

In addition, WCF sponsors Salt and Light chapels, which are held every other Thursday in Brubaker. “We hold other events throughout the year to foster global perspectives on campus, such as Missions Awareness Day in November,” Rempel says.

The money raised from Canoe-a-thon will go to the Agape Center’s service trips to Northern Ireland, Bolivia and Nicaragua this spring. According to Elizabeth Ellison, director of WCF, an active event like Canoe-a-thon is “particularly effective because supporters are able to see their donations being acted upon physically.”


Participants from a previous Canoe-a-thon. Photo retrieved from

As one of the oldest annual traditions on campus, the Canoe-a-thon allows for students to come together and create bonds.

Elisabeth Chang, a student LOFT leader, is enthusiastic about meeting new people on campus during Canoe-a-thon. “What better place to do that than on a 20-mile ride down the river? Paddling is a major point of excitement for us!” she says.

Canoe-a-thon is not only a fun activity for Messiah’s community, but it also serves as a way to see the larger picture of global missions. Ellison looks forward to a divine experience, as WCF works with the LOFT team members and adventure education programming.

“The LOFT team is excellent at challenging students to reflect on how an adventure activity connects to an emotional or spiritual experience, so I’m anticipating a spiritual turnout,” says Ellison.

Come cheer on the students taking part in Canoe-a-thon tomorrow at 7:30 a.m.