Sharlene Oong
Student Writer

breakIt’s that time of year again when students hesitate to play Christmas music. The time of year when plans for new trips are made as well as resolutions to be productive during break (and let’s face it—that’s never going to happen).

Although students may be looking forward to different activities, one thing stays the same in the minds of many—Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks.

With the holidays drawing near, students look forward to finishing up projects and making the most of their time on campus before they hit break mode.

“I look forward to not being in classes,” says Ines Yoon, a sophomore psychology major. She especially looks forward to Christmas this year, as she will be spending time with her family in Mexico.

Jared Armistead, a senior Christian ministries major, is excited for the holidays so he can continue his gag gift tradition with his dad. “My dad is really into health stuff, so one time we got him ‘Naked’ juice, and it was left there in the fridge for four months,” says Armistead.

With food being the prime focus of Thanksgiving, Armistead also looks forward to devouring a traditional shrimp creole, as well as the turkey that serves as the signature staple of the Thanksgiving season.

Even though the holidays mean so much to many of us, they can hold different meaning for others. International students are more likely to stay in the States during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. Being away from family and loved ones is difficult, but for some, the experience can lead to time with new “family” and friends.

Danielle Chun, a senior economic development major, recalls being able to spend her first Thanksgiving with an American family, while learning about the art of the tradition.

“This will be more meaningful to see what will happen, as I might not be here next year,” she says.

Although most students will be busy enjoying their breaks, traditions and families this year, many will miss their friends and the Messiah community.

“I have learned to be thankful for the things that I have, I will miss the friends that I have here” says Yoon.