Bree Whitelock
Assistant Student Director

For someone like me who loves summer fashion, from sundresses to cut-off shorts, the crisp air of winter doesn’t feel like the only harsh reality; my entire wardrobe feels as though it’s being turned upside down. While it may take a bit of adjustment to put my favorite short-sleeve tees away and push my go-to sandals aside, my winter wardrobe always seems to find a way of surprising me. As shown by Messiah students all across campus, the cold weather is a time for bundling, layering and snuggling up to winter weather wear.

With a hint of edgy flair, senior Kelly Gordon demonstrates how to transition your slim-fitting crop tee from one season to the next. Pairing it with high-waisted jeans and an oversized sweater, she takes her look from the classroom to a chilly Saturday spent strolling the Midtown markets. A sweater cardigan is a good addition to any wardrobe in hopes of keeping warm and looking even hotter.

In a different sweater approach, senior Samantha Dench shows that just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to set all thoughts of wearing a dress aside. A sweater dress is the perfect solution for someone wanting cute and cozy all in one go. With the additional combination of riding pants and boots, Dench pulls the outfit together without slacking. And don’t overlook the winter ready accessories; a scarf, belt and color-coordinating watch are fun and playful pieces appropriate for the time of year.

 Taking a different route to cold weather gear, senior Jordan Birdsall exemplifies keeping warm while looking cool. A knit sweatshirt layered with a puffy vest should be a closet essential for either gender. Birdsall perfectly pairs his ensemble with denim and lace-up, high-top sneaks. Gentleman, take a hint and don’t let your wardrobe fall to shambles as the remaining leaves make their departure.

Looking to stay comfy, but still play the grown up part you’re expected to? Senior Liana Rizzo has your answer – a sweater poncho. It’s pretty much leaving your house in a blanket, but when it’s paired with booties and leggings, the outfit brings an effortless fashion must-have look. The color combinations in Rizzo’s sweater provide a professionally sophisticated look, but varying colors allow for switching around the color combinations as your mood pleases!

Just as seasons do, fashion always changes. Keep your eye out for student fashion on campus; you never know what outfit combinations might spark your interest. Play around with layering, and you may discover pieces that go together so well, you’ll never wear them any other way!