Maddie Conley
Student Writer

There is never a bad time for a cookie. When the warm and gooey chocolate hits your tongue, it’s as if you’re back at grandma’s house… or Lottie during warm cookie day.

December 4 is National Cookie Day and it is the perfect excuse to whip up a batch of your favorite cookies and actually use the oven for once. There is a chance that you may also become suddenly popular on your hall floor.

Although cookies are great way to celebrate this day, what if we all took the time to celebrate the “famous cookies?” It’s their day isn’t it? Here are some of America’s favorite cookies (and no, I don’t mean recipes), and how you can celebrate National Cookie Day according to them

The Cookie Monster


Known for his tendency to gobble down piles of cookies, this Sesame Street character is an inspiration to cookie fanatics alike—but maybe don’t eat quite as many cookies as he does…remember portion control people!



Created by the Muffin Man, Gingy the Gingerbread Man is the squeaky and sassy little friend of Shrek the ogre. Get some friends together to decorate gingerbread men like Gingy, but keep an out or they might just make a run for it.

Alice’s “Eat Me” Cookies


As if cookies aren’t already tempting enough, in Alice in Wonderland they are begging to be eaten. Make some cookies for your dorm/apartment mates and put out an “eat me” sign. You’ll be surprised how many friends you make.

The cookies that Buddy the Elf crammed the VCR…


There’s always something to do with burnt or broken cookies – be creative!

Lottie’s Warm Cookies


When these are served, it’s like National Cookie day all over again.

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