Shekie Olagungu
Student Writer

Let’s face it, Christmas break is awesome. The fall semester is finally over, and you get to put up awesome decorations that make you smile while celebrating a wonderful season with the people you love.

There’s only one problem—all good things must come to an end, so the next thing you know, you are driving back to school for spring classes.

Christmas break, and even J-term, go by so fast you barely have time to pause and take it all in. Before you know it, you’re stuck in a whirlwind of new classes, awkward name introductions and overly expensive textbooks.

With school starting again for the spring semester, here are some thoughts that might be running through your head for the first few weeks…

  1. Syllabus time

What is a syllabus? Is it edible? How am I not supposed to panic with all of the assignments I have to do for ONE class? I cannot possibly be the only one that practices breathing exercises to calm down when I look at the long list of projects awaiting me this semester.

  1. Is this my class?

How do I slowly leave the room after walking into the wrong class? It’s the question of the century when you are five minutes into a class and realize you’re in the wrong one. Do you leave like a normal person or stay the whole time because you are an awkward, slow-moving turtle who makes poor life decisions?

  1. Winter just makes things worse

How do I find motivation to leave the warmth of my room to go to classes? If you hate winter as much as I do, getting dressed and heading to class in the cold may just be one of the worst things ever.


  1. 8 a.m. people

How? How do people wake up this early? As someone who is NOT a morning person, I just want to say that I am impressed by those with 8 a.m. classes. Those individuals who have morning classes and are functional are like magical creatures to me.

  1. Buying textbooks

Can “I’m a broke college student” be a discount code? Maybe if I smile at the cashier they’ll take pity on me and give me free textbooks.

When the spring semester begins, it tends to get a little crazy. However, it’s great to be back with friends while taking classes that are both challenging and exciting. It’s important not to stress too much amidst all the questions and thoughts running through your head. Remember, you made it through last semester, so you are going to get through the spring as well.

So, just have fun and make it your best semester yet!