Alyssa Burd
Online Editor

Tomorrow, the Office of Annual Giving is hosting Messiah’s first-ever Giving Day to raise money for scholarships, campus programs and activities.

According to Cady Sullivan, assistant director of Annual Giving, “Giving Day is a 24-hour campaign during which we are hoping to raise $100,000 to support a couple different things. The first is the Messiah Fund, the second is athletics, the Collab and the Agape Center.”

“People can choose to give to one of these four designations on Giving Day. It doesn’t matter where they give, anything counts towards that $100,000,” Sullivan continues. “The reason we decided to do one is because we are always looking for ways to engage as many people as possible.”

The Giving Day campaign and all resulting donations will be completely online based. To promote the event, a large emphasis will be placed on sharing the stories of both current students and alumni through social media.

“We want to make [Giving Day] interesting for people and kind of create a party-type of atmosphere,” says Sullivan. “There will be some giveaways going for people… to kind of make it, you know, more than just giving money for giving day—it’s about celebrating the community.”

Although much of the Giving Day fundraising will be completed by student workers at the Phonathon, it will take a community-wide effort to reach the goal of raising $100,000 for campus programs and organizations.

According to Sullivan, “There’s going to be an exciting opportunity for students to really see how the community rallies around them.”

Messiah’s first ever Giving Day will go live tonight and continue all day tomorrow. For more information and updates about this event, please visit And remember, in the words of President Kim Phipps, “We are all Falcons.”