Alyssa Burd
Online Editor

Leadership skills play an important role in Messiah’s mission to prepare its students for life after college and this week, SGA is sponsoring LEAD Week which is dedicated to promoting student leadership on campus.

In honor of this week, we talked to some current student leaders on campus to understand how they became involved in their positions and how their leadership has impacted their Messiah experiences and future aspirations.

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Kelly Shea
Student Worship Chaplain

What lead you to fill this leadership position?

I saw the value of the position and knew it was something that would only further my understanding of leading musical worship. I gained a greater understanding of what the role required and knew that it lined up exactly with how I wanted to better minister to the Messiah College campus and grow individually. The position matched my love for Christ and music and required that I lean upon a team to execute the ideas we create. Doors opened up, and the position was made available. Since being offered the spot, I have only been strengthened and humbled.



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Aaron Parenti
Eyas Co-Chair

How do you think your position has benefited you and the Messiah community?

This position definitely has helped me grow overall as a person. I’ve learned to manage my time better, be more organized and step out of my comfort zone. This position also has given me the opportunity to work alongside many people and groups in the Messiah community whom I’ve become connected with.




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Chloe Stokes
Head Choreographer of Accalamation Dance Ministry

What does your position mean to you in terms of figuring out post-grad life?

The role of head choreographer in ADM allows me to foster a creative perspective on life. I hope that in whatever I do, whether that be in education or not, I am able to weave dance and movement into my vocation. I have found that dance can be purposeful and impactful. It can ignite motivation and change and it can be used as a proclamation of freedom. Leading and teaching a community of dancers at Messiah has equipped me for a future where I can cultivate hope, change and freedom in other dancers who can, in turn, minister and impact communities beyond Messiah.
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