Raquelle Gonzalez
Student Writer

Photo courtesy of Alyssa Burd.

On March 1, the Falcon Exchange announced a new ID card for students. The card features an advanced technology called Near Field Communication that allows for contactless communication between devices.

What does this mean for students? It means the new ID cards will allow students to simply wave the cards in the vicinity of card readers without needing to touch the reader with the card. This will allow access to residence halls and will allow easier access when recording chapel attendance.

While the old ID cards are still fully functional, Falcon Exchange representative Bryan Stout shares that hundreds of students on campus have transitioned to new ID cards.

The main factor that was taken into consideration for the updated cards was the addition of the new technology. Stout explains that the Falcon Exchange “wanted to get up to date with the new chip idea” and that “times were changing.”

The new ID cards are made of composite, making them stronger than the old cards and harder to break. This update will not allow students to punch holes in the cards to hang on lanyards, however, because the new cards contain a chip and antenna.

Many students have appreciated the day-to-day convenience of the new cards. Junior psychology major Alycia Park-Ferretti says, “It is super convenient to have a card that you don’t have to swipe. For example, if the ID is still in your pocket, you can still get into your residence without fumbling around to get your card.”

Park-Ferretti was also happy that it made swiping for chapel credit easier because “you basically just touch and go.”

Residences such as Sollenberger were scheduled to receive new door readers for the ID cards over Spring Break, and Witmer and Naugle will receive new door readers over the summer. The Falcon Exchange also announced that additional card reader devices will be installed in different areas throughout campus.

Currently, students are not required to change their ID cards, but they can do so at any time during their time as a registered student. For more information on the new ID cards, visit the Falcon Exchange on the second floor of Eisenhower or email falconexhchange@messiah.edu.