Tyler Jenkins
Student Writer

It’s always a great time when I find students on campus who have tattoos, and I get to hear about the tattoos they have and the stories behind them. This week I sat down with junior accounting major Teagan Pfautz to talk about how he got his two tattoos. Teagan’s tattoos are simple, yet very interesting and telling of his faith.

How many tattoos do you have and what are they?

I have two tattoos. I have a verse on my ribs, which is Psalm 18:32, and I have an ichthys fish in white ink on my chest.

Where did you get your tattoos?

I got both of them at tattoo shops here in Mechanicsburg, PA.

How did you handle the pain when you got your tattoos?

When I got the one on my ribs, I went with my sister, and she went first. She got hers on her foot, and it brought tears to her eyes. So I just thought, “Oh crap.” When mine started, it hurt a lot, and I’ve heard the ribs is one of the most painful places you can get a tattoo. But after a while it wasn’t terrible—I’d say it was bearable.

Were your tattoos planned out or were they spur of the moment?

Both of them were pretty planned out. The first one we just scheduled a time and got an email address of one of the artists, so I just corresponded with him as to what I wanted, and he got it ready for us. The second one was just us calling the tattoo shop to say we’re coming in.

Did you do anything while getting your tattoos or just stay silent?

I was mainly just talking to the people that were there. For the first one I was with my sister, so I was talking with her. For the second one I was with a couple guys on the lacrosse team, so I was just talking to them.

Are you planning on getting any more tattoos?

Yes, sometime this year I’m hoping to get a cross on my quadricep.

Is there any advice you could offer to anyone else thinking about getting a tattoo?

Just really think about what you’re getting because it is permanent. I know everyone says that, but you don’t want to have something where you think back and say, “Oh, I don’t like that.” You also want to make sure you pick a good artist because if you pick someone that isn’t the best, then you’re looking at having a mess permanently on your body.