Myriam Pedercini
Culture Editor

Everyone on campus is buzzing with anticipation for summer recess. But with one more week left in the semester, there are still a few things to get done. Here is your end of the year checklist:

  1. Enjoy one of the last Sunday meals at Lottie with their chicken cordon bleu after church (where you probably prayed for strength to get through finals).
  2. Squeeze in the last chapel on Tuesday for any of us who thought we were done and realized we still needed one chapel credit left…
  3. Grab some friends and play soccer or ultimate Frisbee
  4. Go kayaking down the Breeches
  5. Strap up some hammocks by the Breeches for a study break
  6. Get one last late night Baker’s run in
  7. Donate clothes and begin clearing out rooms for check out (you might just need to run to Walmart to get some boxes because it always seems like you have more things than you started the year off with)
  8. Go stargazing on Cemetery Hill with some friends
  9. Scream out all the pent up stress from studying for finals with some midnight screams
  10. Get a selfie with KP!
  11. For seniors especially, take one last lap around campus and let yourself get sentimental about leaving Messiah
  12. Hand in that last paper, take that last exam and celebrate with friends!
  13. Say goodbye to friends and professors and welcome summer with open arms!