Elle Perrin
Student Writer

College is an adventure. From making sure you wake up on time for your 8 a.m. to balancing extracurricular activities with your work schedule, each day always brings something new. For those of you who are settling into the college grind, you may have learned that residence life on campus can be an adventure in itself. To help you make Messiah more of the campus you call home, here are six tips for making the most of apartment and dorm life.

Get thrifty


We all know how difficult it is to stay on top of our expenses as college students. Check out local thrift stores like the Salvation Army or Community Aid to help you pave the way to having a nicely decorated and well-furnished dorm or apartment for a small cost.

Color coordinate

This recommendation is more for the super-efficient and organized people of the world. If color coding and coordinating brings you joy, then talk to your roommates about what colors and schemes will give your living space the most pop!


Lists are actually godsends—especially when it comes to organizing everything you need for an apartment or dorm. It really helps to coordinate so your roommates don’t bring four coffeemakers or five sets of silverware. It saves time and frustration and enables you to maximize space in your apartment.

Communication is key

Open, two-way communication is the key for keeping a healthy relationship with your roommates in a happy living space. It’s as simple as that. Talk it out.

Make it Instagram-worthy 

Decorating is the least arduous aspect of apartment and dorm life. Its joyful work that brings lasting satisfaction. It’s not just about decorating, it’s about making your room worthy for sharing on social media.  All your friends will want to come over and be in the beautiful space you have artfully created.

Dorm Sweet Dorm                

 It’s time to roll out the welcome mat, and put the final touches on your home away from home. It’s ready for guests and it’s ready for you. The perfect dorm is not just about what you put in it, but the vibe you get from it.  It’s the little things that separate the good dorms and apartments from the great ones.  So make this year a great one with a perfectly furnished, perfectly ordered and perfectly decorated dorm or apartment!

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