Jessica Henry
Student Writer

If you like the popular Christian songs “Start a Fire,” “Call It Grace” or “The Cure,” an opportunity to see the band behind those songs live is coming soon. Unspoken is coming to campus on Friday, September 29.

The Falcon Athletic Network is hosting the event as a fundraiser for the Athletic Department. The opportunity comes from a connection that Head Women’s Basketball Coach Mike Miller has with Lighthouse Events, a company that books Christian artists for dates they are not scheduled to perform at a lower rate.

The event will be a new endeavor for the Athletic Department, but Miller’s background in business allowed him to use strategic planning when considering the costs and benefits.

“I’m trying to do events that help everybody—so it gives students something to do on a Friday night, it helps admissions, it helps the development office with bringing donors on campus, and it helps to get youth groups on campus,” says Miller.

Students are excited about the chance to see the popular band. Senior education major Madison Mack first heard Unspoken in concert at her home church in New Jersey. She is excited to see them again in a few weeks.

“Initially I had pretty low expectations, but I was completely blown away! I was surprised to find I was actually familiar with several of their songs. They sound awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed the show,” says Mack.

Miller also hopes that the concert can be an outreach event for the community. “I believe we need to overtly have more things that identify us as a Christian college,” he says.

Unspoken has the potential to do just that. Their first, self-titled album sold more than 100,000 physical copies and generated four top ten singles, as well as their number one hit, “Start a Fire.”

According to the band’s website,, their ability to connect with their audience is about “their willingness to take the stage together night after night and to put their hearts and lives on display with a raw and engaging honesty.”

Messiah students can purchase tickets for $10. Tickets are also available for purchase by the public. Get your tickets here: