Ian Tan
Student Writer

For many people in our generation, tattoos have always prompted a spark of curiosity and appreciation. Many tattoos project a message beyond the physical aesthetics of art transferred from mind onto skin. Some stories are easily discernible, others are more obscure. This week, I met with junior music education major Jake Stanaford to discuss the inspiration behind his tattoo and his opinion of why tattoos hold such appeal.

Where did you get your tattoo done?

The parlour is called Black Arts Tattoo. Unlike establishments like 717, it was a really small local business. The tattoo artist was a heavier African American guy with a lot of tattoos himself. He was pretty friendly and enthusiastic about the whole process.

Can you describe your tattoo and explain what gave you the idea to get it?

Sure, my tattoo is a fox. The back story goes back to an old Biblical idea that humans are constantly battling seven deadly sins. Each person has one particular one that is hardest for them to conquer. Apparently, the fox symbolizes the sin of greed, which I consider to be my personal weakness amongst the seven. The anime known as ‘the seven deadly sins’, based on the same premise, further inspired me to get this tattoo.

If you wanted to get more tattoos, do you have any idea what they would be?

I don’t really have a solid idea yet, but I told myself I won’t get any more tattoos until I get abs!

Have you encountered any opposition toward you acquiring a tattoo? Or what supportive, complimentary remarks have you heard about your choice?

My dad was definitely against the idea to begin with, but once we had a conversation about it, he eventually understood that it wasn’t such a silly investment given its significance to me. I don’t usually get a lot of compliments about it as it is generally under my shirt, but those who have seen it told me they like the design!

What makes tattoos or the concept of them so attractive?

I think people love to decorate their bodies in the same way that they love to wear fancy clothes, but at the same time, I think tattoos can hold a deeper meaning to each person who has one, and tell others about a part of their lives.