Ian Tan
Student Writer

Tattoos have always seemed to provide a platform of curiosity and conversation, where people can learn about each other over the narratives tattoos symbolize. This week, I had the chance to speak with Amber Paxton, a sophomore Education Cert major, who got a tattoo symbolizing her relationship with her sister.

Can you describe your tattoo and what gave you the idea to get it?

It’s a simple little sun on my left wrist. My sister has a crescent moon on the same spot. Her quote was, “I love you to the moon and back”, while mine was, “You are my sunshine.” There are other people I am close to in my life, but the significance is mostly connected to her.

If any other members of your family would join this idea, what do you think they should get?

We actually planned this out already! See, we have three other sisters and one’s planning on getting two stars. Another one is getting a planet—maybe Earth. Our fifth sister has her sights on a shooting star design. We also have a brother, and he’s chosen a rocket ship.

If you could have any other theme for communal tattoo designs, what would it be and why?

Probably flowers, because they remind me of Secret Garden, a book I read when I was little. In it, a girl experiences coming out of her shell, and I feel like my family helps me come out of my own shell, so it’s fitting.

How do you think these linked tattoo ideas has affected your relationship with your siblings?

It reminds me that they are always there. Especially my younger sister and I, we’ve grown closer since I went to college while she’s home in Jersey.