Ian Tan
Student Writer

For many, the decision to get a tattoo is heavily influenced by parental approval. Some bold people shrug and get one anyway, choosing to brace themselves for the storm, while others may wait until they are living independently. This week, I sat down with sophomore art education major Jordan Munoz to discuss parental influence on her tattoos.

Can you describe your tattoo and what gave you the idea to get it?

My tattoo on my left wrist says ‘Be Still’, as a reminder for myself to put God first instead of myself. That goes for everything I do, where I really need to take that step back, evaluate the motives for what I am doing and give the glory to God. I drew the design myself.

What did your parents think of your tattoos?

They got it for me. What made it even more special is that they also got tattoos that day. My mom drew a cross and got that with my dad, as well as my own “Be Still” design.

Do you think parents should have a say on whether their kids have tattoos?

I think that is based off that person’s relationship with their parents. My parents already had tattoos, and they wanted to make sure I understood the permanence of it and had thought through it.

Are you planning to get more tattoos?

Yeah, on my left shoulder blade. I really want to get a cross design with paint streaks dripping off it, as though someone had dipped a paintbrush in ink and used that to apply the tattoo. I also want the verse Galatians 2:20 under it.

What advice do you have for those who might want tattoos but are concerned about their parents’ reactions?

It’s best to first make sure it is something they are passionate and certain about. I spent a lot of time thinking about this choice, and planning out my tattoo to be sure that I would be happy with it. When I was confident enough, I approached my parents and showed them my drawing, and explained that I understood the longevity of what I wanted. People have to be sincere and secure in their decision first, and let their parents see their passion. Understanding parents would then at least consider the idea of it.