Lilly Kashishian
Student Writer

It’s that wonderful time of the semester when you wish that fall break could have lasted just a little bit longer. Welcome to the “Many Faces of Midterms” week—you’ve seen the faces and you know you can relate.

1.The “I’m stressed and need sleep” face.

You know you need sleep, but you can’t because you’re stressing about sleeping and you could be studying for midterms. But let’s face it—you’re just trying to sleep.

2.The “How are you doing?” face.

Each student will most likely be asked, “How are you doing?” at least once this week. And almost every time you’ll say, “Good. I’m fine, everything’s fine.” No. Just be honest—you feel like death.

3.The “Go forth and conquer” face.

Sometimes you just have to hunker down and study, showing those midterms who is in charge…until you realize that ten minutes of studying feels like an eternity.

4.The “Oh, I haven’t seen this episode of The Office in a while” face.

You know you shouldn’t be binging Netflix, but you’re going to anyway. #YOLO.

5.The “This wasn’t on the study guide” face.

When you’ve studied every inch of study guide and there’s a question on the exam that wasn’t covered, you’ve never felt more betrayed.

6.The “I just aced my midterm” face.

When you actually put in the time to study, nothing is impossible.

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