Maddie Conley
Student Writer

Caleb Macie
Year: Sophomore (Transfer)
Major: Music

Many have seen him singing on the Coffeehouse stage or performing with the symphonic winds, but few have seen the journal where he keeps his original lyrics. Caleb Macie revealed to me his passion for music and where his inspiration comes from.

Why did you choose music?

I decided that I wanted to do music and I auditioned for the music department here. By the grace of God I got in. I play my trumpet with the studio here and I play guitar. I’ve played at Coffeehouse three times now. I like performing in front of crowds. I like writing something and going and performing it and getting a reaction from everyone. It’s a form of affirmation. I realize that it’s the Lord, not me who writes the words, I’m just holding the pen. And, to be able to have the Lord put words on paper is really cool.

How long have you been interested in music?

I’ve always done music. Ever since first grade I pretended I was in a band. I have been writing music since my senior year of high school, but it really took off last year. I write about what I’m feeling. For example, I recently wrote a song about my relationship with my girlfriend and I and how we are struggling with being long-distance. It’s about how we sometimes draw apart but will always work to get closer. I wrote it last week so I haven’t performed it for anyone yet. One of my favorite verses from it is ‘You are far away, so hard to reach, it’s getting hard to talk and even to speak. Baby, I want it to be like it was before when I get in my car and in less than an hour I’d be right at your door.’

Do you feel like you have grown in your musical abilities since you’ve been at Messiah?

Absolutely. There are so many musically talented people here that you can learn just from watching and listening to someone else.

What is your favorite kind of music?

I really like remixes, but I also appreciate a really deep worship song. Being a music major it can be hard to just really enjoy music for what it is, because we are constantly analyzing it. Taking time to appreciate music is really good.

What is the best thing in your life right now?

The best thing is knowing that God is working and moving me in a way that’s going to push me forward in music. I’ve been overcoming fears to move forward. There’s been so many opportunities with my music and to give God praise.

On the opposite note…

The distance relationship with my girlfriend and our communication is really hard right now. Focusing on homework and balancing my time is a struggle. Life…life is hard.

Piece of advice.

Always remember there’s something greater. No matter how big your problem seems right now, God is always greater and God is always there. Sometimes you need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.