Alyssa Burd
Online Editor

Part of what makes Messiah’s community special is the legacies each graduating class leaves behind, including the senior class gift. Each year, the senior class works to raise enough money in order to dedicate a gift to campus and leave their mark on Messiah.

Last year, the seniors dedicated a new falcon mascot suit. But for the Class of 2018, the Senior Class Gift Committee has chosen to revamp and put a new twist on giving—in order to represent the interests and passions of as many seniors as possible, the senior class will be sponsoring not one, but six different gifts from various campus programs and offices.

Photo courtesy of the senior class giving campaign, 2018.

“We revamped the senior class gift program in order to try to make all 700 seniors better identify with what they’re giving to,” says senior public relations major and Senior Class Gift Committee member Anna Evanek. “In the past, although our numbers have been really good as far as raising money goes, as well as participation rates for past senior classes, we decided to change it this year because it’s really hard to find one project that the entire senior class can identify with.”

This year’s senior class gifts include a new display for the Collaboratory, funding for Love Your Neighbor Refugee Support through the Agape Center, funding for AROMA missions, Pay It Forward Scholarship Aid through the Office of Development, solar charging tables for the Sustainability Office, and an education initiative through the Black Student Union that helps to familiarize Harrisburg students with college opportunities.

Depending on how much money senior students donate to the cause of their choice, students have the opportunity to receive exclusive perks including sunglasses, customized mugs and t-shirts. Seniors also have the choice of giving to multiple causes and donating as many times as they want in order to receive every perk. According to the senior class giving campaign website, $812 have been raised so far for the collective projects with the help of 19 participating donors.

Evanek recommends that students give to at least one of the gift projects not only to support their passions through Messiah, but also to practice giving and philanthropy. “Philanthropy is giving, whether that’s through time, money, or acts of service—just giving what you can,” says Evanek. “A really good way to instill this spirit of philanthropy, this spirit of gratitude, this spirit of generosity in students is to encourage them to give to the senior class gift.”

Other members of the senior class gift committee also spoke about why they’re passionate for the different projects and why they think their classmates should give:

Allison Reed
Major: Elementary Education PreK-4
Love Your Neighbor Refugee Support

“I strongly recommend donating to the Love Your Neighbor Refugee Support. I have seen first-hand how much these refugees appreciate everything Messiah does for them, especially in the education-esteem program. The children who come to do the activities here just feel so welcomed and appreciated, and I just know that your donation will really make an impact.”



Mason McFee
Major: Communication
Pay It Forward Scholarship Aid

“I think the Pay It Forward initiative is important because a lot of us are very fortunate to have scholarships here, and I know that [scholarship aid] has definitely caused peace of mind for me being here at Messiah. I think it would be really awesome to be able to contribute so that other people can be able to achieve their dreams, even if they don’t have good financial security.”


For more information on senior class giving or to make a donation, visit the campaign website here. Also, stay tuned to the Pulse as we continue to hear from more seniors about why they’re passionate for the senior class giving opportunities.