Charmaine Lim
Student Writer

Gloomy skies with the occasional ray of sunshine can make it hard to enjoy J-Term. When the wind blows, you might regret ever stepping outside, so take the chance to stay warm indoors with some fun, new activities.

Read Nimona by Noelle Stevenson.

This graphic novel follows Nimona, a girl with shapeshifting powers, as she plays sidekick to a villain, Lord Blackheart. Together, the two have plans to prove to the world that the hero, Sir Ambrosius Goldenloin, isn’t as heroic as he seems. But, as time goes on, Lord Blackheart realizes that Nimona’s past might not be as clear as his own. With beautiful colors and a fun art style, this graphic novel is sure to capture your attention.

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Listen to Dancing On My Own by Pentatonix.

This cover, the first produced after bass Avi Kaplan left, mixes sadness with a peppy beat in the second verse. Featuring some cello and strong vocals from soprano Kirstie and baritone Scott, the song will have you feeling like you’re in a dramatic music video.

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Watch Leverage.

Including spies, trickery, and justice, Leverage features a team of five people who are the most skilled in their business. Together, they gain leverage against their adversaries to make sure that injustice doesn’t fall on normal citizens. A balance of comical and serious, this show will have you laughing and wishing you were part of the team.

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Watch I Am Not Your Negro.

To honor Martin Luther King Jr., SAB Lost Films is playing I Am Not Your Negro on January 19-20. As Messiah dedicates the week to remembering MLK Jr.’s legacy, check out the film to get a closer look at his life. The film was inspired by unfinished writings from James Baldwin, an African American writer and social critic, in the 1970s. From his unfinished writings were several letters and notes about the lives of civil rights leaders Malcolm X and MLK Jr.

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Go ice skating.
Grab a few friends or the cutie from your J-Term class and go ice skating together. There are few things as fun as trying to balance on ice while moving in a straight line. It also gives you a perfect excuse to drink lots of hot chocolate afterward.