Charmaine Lim
Student Writer

While you adjust to being back on campus for J-Term, take advantage of your extra time by trying some of these activities.

Read Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella.

This series gained popularity in the early 2000s with its sense of humor and easy-to-read plot. Each book focuses on Rebecca Bloomwood, a British woman with a bit of a shopping problem, as she tries to keep out of sticky financial and personal situations. Though it may seem like chick-lit, the series keeps a constant focus on financial management and responsibility. Content warning: Language and sex

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Listen to Shut Up & Dance by WALK THE MOON.

It’s hard not to dance and sing along to this song, especially when you are with friends. When this catchy tune comes on with its easy lyrics and fun drum beat, you will forget all about the gloomy weather.

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Watch One Week Friends (anime).

This lighthearted anime is a good introduction to the vast world of Japanese animation. If you’re looking to explore the world beyond cult classics, this slice-of-life series will have your back. Yuki Hase has a crush on his classmate, Kaori Fujimiya, and can’t understand why she is always alone. After attempting to befriend her, Yuki learns that Kaori loses her short-term memory every Monday, leaving her unable to make new friends. Determined to change that, Yuki sets out to befriend her every week and prove that friendship is still possible.

Watch Paddington.

This live-action movie brings to life one of Britain’s most well-loved bears. Paddington tells the story of a young bear who finds himself far from home and lost in a train station. A kind family takes him in, but soon, the bear’s quest to find an old friend turns dangerous for everyone. Not only is this a great family movie, but it’s perfect to watch while the snow falls outside.

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Hug something soft and furry.

Have a pet? Give them a warm hug. Not a pet person? Squeeze a stuffed animal or snuggle with a fuzzy blanket. Not a fan of stuffed animals or pets? Hug a friend. Research has shown that hugging something soft can provide stress relief and comfort. Whatever your object or person of choice is, do yourself a favor and bring on the stress relief.