Charmaine Lim
Student Writer

It is the last week of J-Term and the weather is starting to warm up. As you study for mid-terms, don’t forget to take a breather with some de-stressors.

Read The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman.

You’ve probably heard of Neil Gaiman as the author of Coraline, but he also wrote The Graveyard Book to talk about the process of growing up. Nobody “Bod” Owens has been raised in a cemetery after the brutal murder of his family. His family now are ghosts and unusual creatures who live in the cemetery. As much as he wants to, Bod can’t leave because someone is still out there, trying to kill him.

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Listen to Million Reasons by Lady Gaga.

The soft tones of this song do well to make Gaga’s voice more powerful. With only a piano and drums, the music truly serves as the perfect background. While this song may sound somber at first, the underlying message shows a willingness to stick with a relationship.

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Watch Conviction.

One of ABC’s lesser-known shows, Conviction tells the story of a brilliant attorney and former first daughter, Hayes Morrison (Hayley Atwell), after she is blackmailed into heading up a new police unit. Specializing in cases that might have sent the wrong suspects to jail, Morrison and her team prove to everyone that there is always more to the story. Due to its cancellation, there are only 13 episodes, but the show is worth watching if you miss Hayley Atwell on screen. Content warning: Some strong language, mentions of drugs and implied sex.

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Watch Wreck-It Ralph.

A Pixar movie that made it as a new classic, this movie knows exactly how to make you feel nostalgic for old video games. Wreck-It Ralph is tired of always being the villain in his game, so he sets out to be the hero of another game. But game-hopping is illegal, and now he has to keep from being caught.

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Visit the Oakes Museum.

The beautiful Oakes museum, right on campus, is a fun attraction to check out on a dreary afternoon. Located in Jordan academic building and free for students, there are many exhibits worth looking at. Not only is it home to a large bird collection, but the Oakes Museum is also close to most dorms and apartments.