Mikaela Mummert
Student Director

Messiah College has requested everyone with a messiah.edu email account to change their passwords by January 10th. A mass email from William Strausbaugh, Vice President of Information Technology Services, and a text alert were sent on the evening of December 30th with details on how to do so. Individuals who fail to change their passwords by January 10th will be locked out of their accounts and will have to contact the Messiah IT Helpdesk to regain access.

This is part of a warning issued to ALL Messiah College employees and students about an email scam that happened in early December that has the potential to compromise Messiah College accounts. The phishing scam was disguised as an update from the president’s office. This email was received by many of the Messiah community on the morning of December 14th. Those who realized the scam contacted Information Technology Services (ITS) and were instructed to change their passwords immediately. Contact has been made with all of those to date that have been identified as being impacted by the scam.

To change passwords, students and faculty can visit this link. Questions can be directed to the helpdesk at 717-796-4444.

The hack is under investigation. Local officials were notified as soon as the scam was identified by college administrators. We will continue to follow the story and have more information as it becomes available.